Architectural Assistant AI

Architectural Assistant AI

Best for developers, city planners and building operators to solve multiple problems related to design, carbon emmisions and energy costs.


For 2D, 3D floor plans and 360° virtual tour in no time.

A new way for property professionals to find, assess and design sites. Save Time and Save Money.

For real-time insights to design for architects, developers and contractors. Amazing Real Estate Feasibility platform with real-time insights.

Have conceptual design capabilities, predictive analytics, and automations to make solid foundations for projects.

Digital Blue Foam

Seamless data-driven workflows in an AI-powered, your One-stop solution and is user friendly online building platform.

Next-Gen Platform for architects and developers to design and share building systems.

Breaks down barriers in the design and construction cycle, creating a new network of shared information. Best for project sharing.

AI Flowchart Maker smartdraw with WIO AI

For creating floor plans and so much more. Must try for architects and developers.

An AI-Powered building design web tool to help you reduce design time from months to minutes. Also saves money and effort for residential sector.

For the real estate sector. The AI photo editor that enhances your workflow.

First AI platform to create architectural schematic design.