20+ Top AI Tools for Architecture and Interior Design

When we talk about efficiency, accuracy, and creativity in the field of Architecture and Interior Designing, with AI assistance architects can now take a leap forward and get more comfortable with presenting their ideas. AI-driven tools assist in solving tedious tasks, optimize resource utilization, and improve user experience. Recently several kinds of AI Architecture Generators also known as AI Architecture Plan Generators have come up, and so we thought of enlisting the top AI tools for Architecture and Interior Designing for you.

AI Tools for Architecture

1. Sidewalk Labs

ai generated architecture

Sidewalk Labs is an urban innovation unit within Google. It could be classified as an AI Architecture Plan Generator and is used by leaders across real estate, including developers, city planners, and building operators, to improve neighborhood design, reduce carbon emissions and energy costs for buildings and homes, and optimize curbs and parking spaces.

They have a number of products for you, but the top three are as under:

a. For Real Estate Developers | City Planners

Delve – Assists in better development planning with generative design

b. For Commercial Building Owners | Tenants

Mesa – Assists in building controls that save energy and costs

c. For City Agencies

Pebble – Assists in providing mobility solutions for cities.

2. Getfloorplan

Well, if you are in the business of real estate then this tool might come in handy to boost your sales in real estate. This AI for architecture design assists in streamlining your architecture plan. It lets you create 2D, 3D, and Virtual Tours of your real estate plans. Getfloorplan creates 2D, 3D floor plans and 360° virtual tours at no time. With their materials, your ordinary listing can be turned into a picture of a dream house for your clients.
So, if you are someone who deals in real estate, this could become your magic wand to get more clients.

3. Archistar

Archistar revolutionizes the way property professionals find, assess and design sites. Assists you in transforming your months-long process into ten minutes of simple site analysis. It comes in a freemium version.

They serve in the following domains:

a. For Property Developers

Helps in fast-tracking all stages of the development process. With a few clicks, property developers can use this AI Architecture Plan for discovering opportunities with untapped potential.

b. For Architects

Assists in augmenting your firm with practical and contextual generative design.

c. For Home Builders

They also provide a highly visual platform that helps you sell homes faster. Each feature has been designed to accelerate your sales funnel while providing a delightful experience to your clients.

d. For Government & Planners

Assists in generating buildings and other sites and analyzes your plans in real-time for financial viability and environmental checks.

4. Testfit

This is a Real Estate Feasibility platform with real-time insights to design, constructability, and cost for developers, architects, and general contractors. This is a paid tool and comes in the following domains:

a. For Developers

Validate your math on your chosen site using embedded GIS data both from financial and early-stage design standpoints. Draw your building on your chosen site; it’s that simple.

b. For Architects

Generate the massing of the building on the real site’s GIS data with TestFit. Build parking in seconds. Optimize your unit mix. Use the power of TestFit, an AI for architecture design to instantly test ideas.

c. For General Contractors

Help your clients narrow the range of outcomes & make sure they are planning for building in a reasonable method. TestFit’s preconstruction intelligence helps you understand how different building types can perform on a site.

5. Autodesk

This is one of the most famous premium tools available out there. It comes in the following categories:

a. For Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Top products include – AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, AutoCAD LT, BIM Collaborate Pro, etc.

b. For Product Design & Manufacturing

Top products include – Inventor, AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Fusion 360 extensions, Navisworks, etc.

c. For Media & Entertainment

Top products include – 3Ds Max, Maya, ShortGrid, Maya LT, Maya Indie, etc.

6. Digital Blue Foam

This is an enterprise tool that provides seamless data-driven workflows in an AI-powered, one-stop, user-friendly, online building platform.

The main features include:

a. Collaborate online
b. World’s data at your fingertips
c. Sustainable designing
d. AI generative designing
e. Instant BIM

Do check out their demo.


HYPAR is the next-generation platform for designing, generating, and sharing building systems. It claims to make space planning 10X times faster as you can quickly create 3D test fits complete with metrics and furniture. You can visit their website to book a demo with them.

8. Cove.Tool

Cove.Tool breaks down barriers in the design and construction cycle, creating a new network of shared information, interoperability, and accountability across projects and teams.

Their main products are in the following domains:

a. Design:
 drawing.tool

To assist you in translating designs into 3D models with analysis-ready geometry.

 loadmodelling.tool

Lets you automate size calculations for HVAC and mechanical systems design.

b. Analyze:
 analysis.tool

Helpful tool to analyze energy, daylight, carbon and much more.

 costestimating.tool

Estimate real time costs throughout the designing process.

c. Develop:
 api.tool

This lets you connect with cove.tool simulations via API.

d. Sell

 revgen.tool

To connect with building product manufacturers and designers early in the design process.

9. Smartdraw

A comprehensive platform with diverse templates and diagrams included. It comes in an enterprise version but you can try it out for free as well. If you need quick floor plans, just reach out to the SmartDraw floor plan templates and you will find the right one. One feature of this AI is that it integrates with other tools that you might be already using, such as Google Workspace, Microsoft office suite, Jira, and much more.

10. Architechtures

ARCHITEChTURES enables a new and completely disruptive residential design process in a seamless human-machine collaboration. Its Generative AI technology lets the users obtain for each iteration and in real-time, the solution that best suits the geometry, objectives, and design criteria entered. This enables the designers to have full control over the quantitative aspects of the design in order to focus on decision-making and improve their added value. They provide a 15-day free trial. So, try it and see how it adds value.

11. Autoenhance.ai

This is a good tool for real estate dealers as often they have to wait for quality pictures or they manually have to edit hundreds of images. Autoenhance.ai is an amazing tool that enhances your workflow. Their features include, sky replacement, image relighting, 360 enhancements, perspective correction, HDR merge, RAW & JPG support. Do check them out if you want your images to be enhanced.

12. ARK

ARK lets you create optimized floor plans fast and efficiently. This can help you in optimizing profitability, density and living standards while meeting all code regulations. Their software generates optimized building designs instantly, allowing architects to make better and faster
decisions. It acts like an AI architecture generator. From concept to construction, design the most profitable configurations, optimizing for density and profitability.

AI 3d Model Generator

Real estate sector still does a lot of manual work and has been sluggish in adapting AI. Manual construction is time-consuming and leads to wastage of time and resources. And that’s where 3D modelling comes in. Not only does it help to bring flat 2D ideas to life, but it can also help construction projects with better lead times, costing, safety, and stability.

Following are some good AI 3D model generators:


Kaedim lets you magically generate custom AI 3D models in minutes. Hours of work can be done using modeling tools that are available at Kaedim. Some of its features are:

a. Can become your personal 3D artist.
b. Endless possibilities.
c. Production-ready models.

Try out their trial and see what is all the hype about.

14. Texturelab

This is another interesting tool for you to work with AI 3D modeling when we talk about textures. Texturelab provides its users with several variants of textures. It goes well for buildings, rocks, wood, sand, vegetable, ice, etc. Its free, so go ahead and try them.

15. Luma AI

This AI has a mission and that is to enable everyone to capture and experience the world in life like 3D. It is free for use and is available right now. They claim to be setting next-level standards when it comes to photorealism, reflections, and details.

16. Sloyd

Slyod AI must be the easiest way for AI 3D modeling. Its super simple to use. You must select a generator, tweak it and then export. They believe that with an easy-to-use 3D-creation tool, less time and resources is needed on painstakingly modeling every asset, allowing creators to focus on other creative elements of their production. If you are creating a virtual world or experience, you need a lot of stuff to make the environment come to life. It is too time-consuming and hard to achieve. That’s where Sloyd comes in. Their three important features are: Simplicity, Support for creators and most importantly, anyone can create.

17. Poly

Poly is supported by a community library and has a lot of textures to provide you with. You can either create textures or you can play with the already provided ones. AI for 3D modelling and AI for texture generator is need of the hour for many real estate professionals, do try Poly and see if it generates the texture, you are looking for.

AI Tools for Interior

Now when the building has been well planned and 3D modelling has been done, we think now you will want to see how well efficiently the interiors could be decorated. AI for interior design is out there and it can help you in finalizing just the right set of items you will want to see at your place.

18. InteriorAI

Now you can design your own interiors with AI Interior Designer and can streamline processes, improve collaboration, enhance creativity, and deliver personalized design solutions.

19. RoomGPT

This tool helps you redesign your room in seconds using AI. RoomGPT is an AI for interior design. All you must do is just take a picture and it instantly allows you to redesign it in several themes. They have several happy customers, do check them out.

20. Planner5D

Their tagline says, “create your dream home.” It’s an advanced and easy-to-use 2D/3D home design tool. Feel free to play on your own or you can also hire a professional designer to help you design your dream home.

Simple three steps:

a. Layout and design: Use the 2D mode to create floor plans and design layouts with furniture and other home items, or switch to 3D to explore and edit your design from any angle.
b. Furnish and edit: Edit colors, patterns, and materials to create unique furniture, walls, floors and more – even adjust item sizes to find the perfect fit.
c. Visualize and share: Use the Renders feature to capture your design as a realistic image – this adds shadows, lighting, and rich colors to make your work look like a photograph!

21. Homestyler

Homestyler is a holistic marketplace for AI for interior design and much more. Their products come in the following categories:

a. For Interior Designers
b. For Brands and Retailers
c. For Real Estate
d. For Schools
e. For Homeowners

No need to swap between floor planning, 3D modeling and rendering software. Homestyler provides an all-in-one AI 3D interior design tool with a streamlined workflow and easy-to-use design experience, enabling you to efficiently turn your design concepts into fabulous visualization.

22. HomeByMe

It provides you the inspiration to furnish and decorate your home in 3D. Its simplicity is that it lets you use the images of their community to find inspiration then create your own project and make amazing HD images to share with everyone. Check them out.

These are just some of the tools. Find more here for AI for Architecture Plan, AI for 3D Model Generator, and AI for Interior Design. We are sure more of them will be out there.

Check out WIO AI for all AI categories and find the right AI for you. If you wish to see an AI in the list, please submit the AI details at WIO AI.

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